CEiiA is a Portuguese private Research Establishment working in cooperation with Technical Universities, R&D Centres, Public Agencies and Suppliers from aeronautical to automotive industries. CEiiA’s vision is to establish Portugal as a reference within these industries, particularly in the development of technologies, products and systems, conceived, industrialized and operated from Portugal.
Since its foundation, CEiiA seeks to contribute to the construction of a new industrial model, based on the progress of Portugal from a logic based on technology importation to a development, integration and exportation logic involving and building global supply chains. To achieve this, and as innovation is a collaborative process, CEiiA connects companies, universities, scientific institutions and other partners worldwide and public entities in different countries. CEiiA works alongside a high number of companies in Portugal and some large international companies in order to support their product development and innovation processes, to promote their integration in the global supply chains and to connect with the most state of the art trends in global markets and technologies.
The basis of this logic is smart specialisation around tradable products and integration of national technologies, whereas engineering capabilities and product development philosophy play a central role as a pull factor for attracting new projects to Portugal, with leading international players and emerging markets. This approach requires an intense engagement with clusters of multi-sectorial nature and multi-technological dimension associated with complex tradable products (e.g. systems, structural modules and even vehicles or aircrafts) as the basis of an industrialisation strategy.
With a special focus on the internationalisation of Portuguese engineering – associated with product development in large international projects of key players – CEiiA seeks to induce the increase of national know-how and technology development.
CEiiA has extensive experience regarding collaborative development projects within the aeronautical, mobility, ocean industries and most recently with the space industry. Examples are given of collaboration in development activities with major industrial companies as well as in collaborative R&D projects, both national and international, supported in the framework of EU’s R&D funding.

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