Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting that officially launched the FORMOSA project took place on 7/9/2020.


9:30 Welcome
9:45 Brief presentation of partners and participants;
10:15 Leonardo Objectives for CS2 call (Saporiti/Dalla Rovere);
10:30 General presentation of FORMOSA by coordinator (Muscarello); 11:00 Brief presentation of each WP:

  • WP1: Management & project coordination (Paolini/Chiozzini);
  • WP2: Dissemination, communication & exploitation activities (Paolini/Chiozzini);
  • WP3: Capture of the relevant subsystem requirements (Zanotti);
  • WP4: Preliminary study of 3 different proposed concepts (Savino);
  • WP5: Feasibility study of the selected concept (Torres);
  • WP6: Representative Mock-Up of the selected concept (Torres/Rebelo);

12:15 CS2 Presentation by the JU (Marino);
12:45 Lunch break
14:15 General discussion among partners and participants – action plan definition:

  • List of actions, reference persons, deadlines;
  • General questions, risks and critical aspects.

17:00 AOB, Wrap-Up.