The project, coordinated by Prof. Vincenzo Muscarello and addressed to the framework of the Clean Aviation Fast Rotorcraft IADP (Horizon2020) was aimed to design an innovative movable surface with multiple functions for the NextGen Civil Tiltrotor developed by Leonardo Helicopters, including roll/flap controls, and download reduction.

The new configuration presented by the FORMOSA consortium was able to reduce the download in helicopter mode (-9% compared to the original design) allowing to reduce the fuel consumption during vertical take-off and landing maneuvers, in line with the objectives of the Clean Aviation programme.

A remarkable impact in airplane mode flight was presented as well, through the improvement of the roll performance obtained thanks to a 25% time-to-bank reduction.

The technology developed opens up the possibility of further optimizations of the configuration beyond the helicopter and airplane flight modes, considering also the operations of short take-off, landing, and approach.

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